The Ghan Expedition 2021

Alice Springs

Mark and Alexa lived in Alice Springs for a few years, and Mark kept travelling to "The Alice" for many years after than with work. As a result, they were really only interested in sights that they had not seen before. From the available tours, that left the flight over Uluru at about $1,300 a seat or the Desert Park.

Although they have not flown over Uluru, they have stayed at Uluru and Kata Tjuta before, so they opted for the Desert Park that they had not visited before. The tours of the local vegetation weren't of much interest, because Mark and Alexa used to live a fairly short distance from where the park is located. Mark used to walk the dog in the area before it started to be built up.

The tour started with a presentation about the local indigenous culture. The lady that gave the presentation was informative and interesting.

Of special interest to Mark and Alexa was the Nature Theatre with its free flying bird demonstrations. Mark has hoped to see the wedge tail eagles or whistling kites, but on the day of the visit, the demonstration involved a Barn Owl. Again, the presentation was interesting and informative.

Although not part of the show, a couple of Spinifex Pigeons dropped in to see if there were any treats to be found. This was probably because there is also a bird feeding show that would bring in lots of birds.

In the evening, the passengers on The Ghan were bussed out to the Old Telegraph Station for dinner. It was a great night with good food, drinks, a good band and an excellent and witty astronomy presentation. The presenters ending joke where he described the composition of the Universe as being made up of "Electrons, Neutrons, Protons, but mostly Morons" brought the night to an amusing conclusion.
Alice Springs Telegraph Station 01/09/1905 - NT Library & Archives