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AMetA (the Australian Meteorological Association Inc) was established in 1969 under the direction of John ‘Doc’ Hogan, the then South Australian Regional Director of the Bureau of Meteorology. One of its primary purposes has been to open up communication between the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and people in the community who either use weather services or have an interest in meteorology.

Long term member William Slaytor has provided a more comprehensive history of the AMetA; as well as a Meeting List covering all of the AMetA's public meetings.

The Association was wound up in 2023, over taken by social and industry changes. There is now a wealth of knowledge on the Internet available to the general public.
AMetA Magazine List
AMetA Magazine Content List
To assist in scanning the magazines above, a list of the articles in the magazines is listed below. Click on the article title to open the magazine containing the article. The magazine articles are not bookmarked in the files, so you will have to scan though the magazine to get to the article of interest.
Magazine Article Index
Article NameAuthor Magazine 
  News from the Desalilnation Front   Dr Jochen Kaempf  AMETA Oct. 2009
  South Australia's Weather Summary - August 2009   AMetA  AMETA Oct. 2009
  15 years of detective work SA's climate record uncovered   Mac Benoy  AMETA Oct. 2020
  2017 third hottest year on record for the planet  BOM AMETA Feb. 2018
  2019 Wild Weather on the Murray   Mark Little  AMETA Feb. 2020
  A Season Forecasting on the Ice   Tina Donaldson  AMETA Oct. 2014
  A Todd Anecdote   Mac Benoy  AMETA Apr. 2021
  Advances in Weather Forecasting and Warning Services   Paul Lainio  AMETA Apr. 2012
  Air Quality Monitoring in South Australia. Dr Pushan Shah   Beth Walton  AMETA Apr. 2021
  AMETA christmas dinner 2013  BOM AMETA Feb. 2014
  An Operational Heatwave Warning Service for Australia   John Nairn  AMETA Feb. 2017
  Anticipating the atmosphere: a look at the modern weather forecast process  AMetA AMETA Oct. 2017
  Building a Heatwave vunerability map for Australia   John Nairn  AMETA Aug. 2019
  Bush fires and Atmospheric Interaction: Learnings from Black Summer 2019-20   Beth Walton  AMETA Aug. 2021
  Charles Todd: His formative years ( AMOS Discussion )   Dr. Tony Rogers  AMETA Aug. 2017
  Chasing Tornadoes in USA   Jonathan Fischer  AMETA Apr. 2016
  Choosing, installing and making online a personal weather station   Mark Seaborn  AMETA Jun. 2015
  Christmas on the Mighty Murray   Mark Little  AMETA Feb. 2021
  Citizen Science, Making a Contribution to Global Climate Analysis   Mac Benoy  AMETA Feb. 2016
  Climate Science Communication The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  IPCC AMETA Oct. 2019
  Climate variability and change in SA ( PDO Index )   Darren Ray  AMETA Jun. 2016
  Data Analysis with SQL (Part 1)   Mark Little  PWS May. 2020
  Discussion on AMetA / AMOS collaboration  AMetA AMETA Oct. 2017
  Errors & Inaccuracies   Mark Little  PWS May. 2020
  Errors & Inaccuracies Scientists may seek Truth, but Science is the Art of Approximation   William Hooke  PWS Sep. 2020
  Flying Operations of the Royal Flying Doctor Service   Geoff Aro  AMETA Aug. 2018
  Forecasting the November 2015 Pinery Fires   Matt Collopy  AMETA Jun. 2017
  Heatwave warning project   John Nairn  AMETA Feb. 2015
  Her PHD thesis on Sir Archibal Grenfell Price (1892-1977)   Dr Cecile Cutler  AMETA Aug. 2015
  High and dry Subtropical ridge  BOM AMETA Aug. 2017
  His role as an expert witness in court ( Retired Consulting Meteorologist/Hydrlogist )   Chris Purton  AMETA Oct. 2015
  History and Weather Number 4 - Henry V in France   Dianne Davis  AMETA Jun. 2021
  Home weather station and sky camera ( HP1000C )   Mark Little  AMETA Jun. 2018
  House boats on the Murray   Mark Little  AMETA Jun. 2020
  How Spooky!!   Mark Little  PWS Jul. 2020 BOM AMETA Oct. 2014 BOM AMETA Feb. 2019
  I’m Setting Up A Sandbox!   Mark Little  PWS Mar. 2021
  Improving liveability through smart water   Greg Ingleton SAWATER  AMETA Apr. 2020
  In Memory of Social Isolation (1979-1980)   Mark Little  AMETA Apr. 2020
  Inversions and turbulence spraying   Dr. Warwick Grace  AMETA Apr. 2015
  Jet Streams - Weapons of War?   Bruce Davis  AMETA Jun. 2021
  Measuring the rain   Jon Lethbridge Mark Little  AMETA Apr. 2019
  Member of the Murray Darling Basin Authority   Ms Di Davidson MDBA  AMETA Aug. 2013
  Mesonet in the midnorth of SA   Dr. Warwick Grace  AMETA Apr. 2018
  Message from the President  AMetA AMETA Aug. 2017
  METEOROLOGICAL QUIZZES compiled   Dianne Davis  AMETA Apr. 2021
  Meteorology and Soaring Flight   Richard Geytenbeek  AMETA Aug. 2016
  Monitoring My Personal Weather Station’s Performance   Mark Little  AMETA Feb. 2020
  New BOM heatwave warning system goes online  BOM AMETA Feb. 2014
  New satelite information for australia  BOM AMETA Aug. 2015
  New seasonal forecast from BOM  BOM AMETA Oct. 2014
  OUR CLIMATE: TRENDS AND DRIVERS in conjunction with AMOS   John Nairn  AMETA Oct. 2019
  Our Variable and Changing Climate; Update 2020.   Beth Walton  AMETA Feb. 2021
  Presidents pen   Mark Little  AMETA Feb. 2021
  Presidents pen   Mark Little  AMETA Apr. 2021
  Presidents pen   Mark Little  AMETA Jun. 2021
  Presidents pen   Mark Little  AMETA Aug. 2021
  Presidents pen   Mark Little  AMETA Oct. 2021
  Presidents report 2016   Beth Walton  AMETA Oct. 2016
  Propeller breaks during take-off at night. story from Terrys wife Marjorie Keen   Beth Walton  AMETA Oct. 2020
  Reading Atmospheric Pressure   Mark Little  PWS May. 2020
  Recent Australian Climatic and Weather Events   Beth Walton  AMETA Jun. 2021
  Record ocean conditions for 2015 el nino  BOM AMETA Aug. 2015
  Regional forecasting center BOM   Matt Collopy  AMETA Jun. 2014
  Remembering Terry Keen 1939-2019   Beth Walton  AMETA Feb. 2020
  Replacing My Sky Camera   Mark Little  PWS May. 2021
  SA Governor Heiu Van Le AC visits AMetA Volunteer Unit on 9 may 2016  BOM AMETA Jun. 2016
  SA statewide power outage 28th September 2016   Darren Ray, Mike Leane  AMETA Apr. 2017
  Severe Weather conditions in late september 2016  BOM AMETA Oct. 2016
  Space weather ( pg24 , 2017 3rd Hottest on Record )   Mark Little  AMETA Feb. 2018
  St Peter’s College High Altitude Balloon Release.   Beth Walton  AMETA Aug. 2021
  Standardizing daily rainfall totals at Cumberland Park   Jon Lethbridge  AMETA Jun. 2021
  Surface inversions & ground spray operations   Dr. Warwick Grace  AMETA Feb. 2012
  The 1938 Flood at Lambina Station   Rose Brown (née Robb)  AMETA Jun. 2021
  The Air Speed Indicator: It’s Benefits and Problems   Bruce Davis  AMETA Feb. 2021
  The Indian Ocean what? IOD  BOM AMETA Jun. 2019
  The latest Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change   Beth Walton  AMETA Oct. 2021
  The life of a weather forecaster see page 4.   Hilary Wilson  AMETA Jun. 2019
  The Pressure Altimeter - Part 1   Bruce Davis  AMETA Jun. 2020
  The Pressure Altimeter - Part 2   Bruce Davis  AMETA Aug. 2020
  The PWS Group Eventually Starts (Then Stops)   Mark Little  AMETA Aug. 2021
  The Southern Cloud - A Tale of Forecasts and Communications   Bruce Davis  AMETA Apr. 2021
  The Weather and its Impact on History: Number 5   Dianne Davis  AMETA Aug. 2021
  The Weather and its Impact on History. Part 1   Dianne Davis  AMETA Jun. 2020
  The Weather and its Impact on History. Part 2   Dianne Davis  AMETA Aug. 2020
  The Weather and its Impact on History. Part 3   Dianne Davis  AMETA Oct. 2020
  The Wind in The Willows   Mark Little  AMETA Jun. 2020
  Thunderstorm Asthms panel discussion ( 2018 Hot Year )   John Nairn plus others  AMETA Feb. 2019
  Transformations at the Bureau of Meteorology. Paul Lainio   Beth Walton  AMETA Oct. 2021
  Understanding the IOD  BOM AMETA Aug. 2016
  Upcoming changes to BOM rainfall terminology  BOM AMETA Oct. 2014
  Viticultural consultant   Peter Magarey  AMETA Feb. 2014
  Weather Balloons – What do they do and how do they do it   Mark Little  AMETA Jun. 2020
  Weather Detectives Old Weather pg19   Mac Benoy  AMETA Aug. 2014
  Weather factors impacting insect populations   Dr Maryam Yazdani  AMETA Oct. 2016
  Weather observation reopens at West Terrace  BOM AMETA Jun. 2017
  Weather the Words?   Dianne Davis  AMETA Oct. 2021
  Weatherzone private weather company   Dr Elisabeth Donnell  AMETA Aug. 2014
  What cloud is that?   Rowland Beardswell  AMETA Oct. 2018
  WHEN ICE ISN’T NICE   Bruce Davis  AMETA Oct. 2021
  Who Wrote That Article?   Mark Little  PWS May. 2020
  Why Have A Sky Camera?   Mark Little  PWS May. 2020
  WMO confirms last 4 years were warmest on record  BOM AMETA Feb. 2019
  Wreckage in the Rain forest: The Stinson Crash   Bruce Davis  AMETA Aug. 2021 BOM AMETA Jun. 2018
AMetA Presentation List
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