Backyard Meteorological Instrumentation

This project was started in response to the 2021-2022 flooding of the Murray River in South Australia when we were unable to go on our usual summer houseboat cruise. Although there have been previous projects that installed instrumentation in the backyard, these sensors have been removed and repurposed over the years. The only sensor that remained operational is the sky camera.

The back yard is divided into three sections at the top of the image to the right: the swimming pool in the top left corner, a lawned area below the swimming pool; and the area to the left of the swimming pool which contains garden sheds, fruit trees, garden beds and a clothes hoist (barely visible white cross in the middle the area. Both sheds in this area have mains power available, while the tool shed (upper shed) also has a gigabit ethernet connection to the Local Area Network (LAN).

Since the lawned area between the house and the swimming pool (jokingly referred to as the "East Paddock") is used during social functions, the instrumentation is located in the top left area (also known as the "North Paddock") which is gated off during social events. The "South Paddock" (the front yard at the bottom of the image) is not considered in this project.


This project has the design objective of allowing additional sensors to be included as they become available and of interest. However, the sensors below are included in the initial list of sensors. Where the sensor is green, it has been used at some previous time, while sensors in blue are available, but have not been previously used.

) Ground Temperature Thermometers (10cm, 20cm, 50cm, 100cm);
Soil Moisture (ground conductivity) Sensors;
Particulate Air Quality Monitor;
Gas Air Quality Monitor;
Lightning Detector;
Air Temperature & Relative Humidity;
High Resolution Barometric Pressure Sensor;
Water Condensation Detector;
Background Radiation Monitor; and
(11) Software Defined Radio,

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