Kimberely Quest 2024

20th March to 11th March 2024

About The Trip

This trip was a long time coming. It had its genesis in 2019 when Alexa decided that she really wanted to visit the north-west of Western Australia and the best way to do it was via a cruise around the coast.

It was likely that this would be Alexa and Mark's one and only trip to the area, so the trip had to make it worth going. After looking at the options, Alexa selected the Kimberley Quest II 21-Day Cruise from Darwin to Broome.

The first available booking was in 2021, but the appearance of COVID closed Western Australia and the trip ultimately did not proceed until 2024 after COVID subsided and the backlog of booking subsided.

The cruise was now a 21-day cruise from Broome to Wyndham, followed by a bus trip to the Kununurra airport.

To ensure there was "time up their sleeve" in case of any travel delays, Alexa planned to have five (5) days in Broome before the cruise. This was good planning as there was a pilot strike   that delayed one couple from arriving on time, but luckily they were still able to join the cruise.
From Original Image on Kimberley Quest Website
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