2021 River Ramble

The 2021 RMBOA River Ramble travelled about 200 km along the Murray River in South Australia from Donald Flat Lagoon, about 15 km upstream of Blanchetown (274 km from the mouth) to  the 474 km marker (14 km downstream of Loxton). For the safety and comfort of the participants, the fleet was limited to about fifty (50) vessels ranging from tinnies to large cruisers and houseboats.

Although the RMBOA is a volunteer social organisation, it has a decades-long history of organising the River Ramble in a professional manner. The 2021 River Ramble has the motto "Having Fun, Cruising in '21", but along with the fun the Ramble raised money for the Cancer Council SA. The Ramble also injected money into the local economies along the river. This includes the purchase of wood for camp fires (when conditions allow), fuel, food & drink, as well as frequenting local businesses. The fleet is often a source of curiosity along the river. While it is not uncommon to see a small group of boats travelling together, a group of 50 diverse boats is more unusual.

My Lady departs for the Ramble from Blanchetown, but the Ramble stops at the following locations:

  • Donald Flat Lagoon Island - An island between the river and the Donald Flat Lagoon. No land access to the island is possible.
  • Morgan - An historic river town that was once the second busiest port in South Australia, It is now a tourist town for skiing and houseboats.
  • Caudos Vineyard - A vineyard that is on the riverfront between Morgan and Waikerie. It provides extensive river dining and entertainment.
  • Waikerie - The largest town on this Ramble, Waikerie has excellent riverside amenities, scenic loops and a bird watching trail.
  • Overland Corner - The reserve surrounds the historic Overland Corner Hotel that provides drinks, meals, entertainment and accommodation.
  • Kingston-On-Murray - Known for its vineyards (Kingston Estate, Banrock), Game Reserve and Eco-Cruises.
  • 474 km Marker - A bush setting, 474 km from the Murray Mouth and upstream of the Gerard Community.
  • Moorook - The final mooring for the Ramble. Has fuel quite close to the river. A favourite eating place is the M.A.D. Bar and Bistro.